There is one huge problem with a lot of fitness apps out in the marketplace today. They may track activity and food intake well, but that means nothing when the user is not engaged. There is a reason most people fall of diets within a month or two. I set off to create an app that both tracked calories AND added some serious fun in the process. In order to motivate engagement and loyalty to an app (something very important when trying to stick to a diet), I applied the concept of gamification to a simple fitness app concept.

What if your fitness app had a story? What if how much you ran or your food diary directly affected how you played the game. Now, what would really motivate you to exercise or eat conscientiously? After trying and testing many different scenarios with test subjects, I landed upon New York City, post nuclear apocalypse. 
The main premise of the app is to track your fitness goals and allow you to track your food intake. Handy graphs are available to visualization; which I discovered through research was something that really helps users understand their progress. When ever the user wants to go on a run or walk, a new scenario plays through the users headphones.
Feel free to click through the app prototype and explore the game!
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